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Allergy Relief | Immunity boost | Healthy metabolism | Hot spots

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Diarrhea | Coprophagia | Bad breaths | Foul gas


Health booster | Multivitamins | Cognitive support | Immune support

Skin & Coat

Shedding | Hairballs | Hot spots | Dry itchy/flaky skin

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Supports joints | Support regeneration | Increases mobility | Reduces stiffness


Seperation anxiety | Hyperactivity | Aggression aid | Stress relief
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For the pooch that deserves it all — our best-selling bundle comes with Probiotics, Omega Fish Oil and Advanced joint support which work great together to take care of your dog's gut health, joint health and fur health all at once!

This product did wonders on my 15 1/2 year old dog who was showing signs of aging and aching joints. I hadn't fully understood how bad it was for him, until I started him on this product. The supplement made an AMAZING difference after only 1 week Instead of shying away when his back and flanks are being petted, he is enjoying the petting, and, also has gotten back to his sneaky ways of jumping up on sofas and beds to nap.


We have been giving this for a month to our senior dog Manny who is allergic to 23 things!!!! Throughout his life, we have tried so many things to help him. It is amazing that something as simple as adding a tiny scoop of powder could clear his feet up from being red and licked free of hair, and his belly is growing back as well. His paws have hair, and his coat is thicker and softer now! This was such a boost for him (and us!) Thank you.

L. Sue Hernandez

We purchased this probiotic for our cat Pinky who has always had problems with his immune system. He is 8 now and we’ve had continuous trouble with allergies and eye infections through the years. He never really played much. We just thought it was his personality. After taking these probiotics about 2 1/2 weeks he was chasing toys and running around like a kitten! It made of us tear up to see his enthusiasm

James. B

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