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Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil For Dogs


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  • RESULTS YOU CAN SEE: Visible improvement in your pets skin, coat, health, playfulness and activity levels after just one bottle
  • NUTRIENT RICH : Our unique blend of oils from 5 wild-caught, Icelandic species of fish has nearly 1.5 times the EPA & DHA of leading competitors, and has naturally occurring Vitamin A & D; Your pet gets more of what they need
  • NO FUSS, NO MESS, GREAT TASTE : No capsules to break, no tablets or pills to hide, and naturally delicious and mess-free liquid; Just squirt on your pet's food and watch them get healthier with every delicious bite!
  • SAFER FOR YOUR PET: We only source small, wild caught fish, for our fish oil to help minimize toxins; Bottled in USA, in a GMP, ISO9001 facility with HACCP Food Production Hygiene standards
  • BEST VALUE: With a whopping 700+ servings for cats & 400+ servings for small dogs, our concentrated Omega-3 formula fish oil is amazing value! Please note item is a single pack and Omega 3 is the product name and doesn't indicate the package quantity.

Publisher: Vetrinex Labs

Details: Tail waggin’ goodness We know when it comes to taking care of your best friend, you want to make sure you’re giving them only the best. That's why we're committed to finding and sourcing only the highest quality fish for our All Natural Omega-3 Fish Oil—because we know you're not just buying them a dietary supplement, you're buying them their health and happiness. A unique blend of oils from 5 carefully selected species of wild fish caught in the cold and clean waters of Iceland, help us ensure that your dog or cat is getting a premium-quality, Omega-3 supplement. Our pure, high-quality supplement has an unmatched nutrient profile with high levels of EPA/DHA and naturally occurring vitamins A&D. More of what your dog or cat needs. Benefits: Promotes Softer, Shinier, Thicker Fur Reduces Shedding, Hot Spots, and Fur Balls Soothes Flaky and Itchy Skin Reduces Inflammation and Lubricates Joints Boosts Immune System and Reduces Allergies Our Omega 3 formula is independently tested for purity from Mercury and all other toxins and exceeds US pharmaceutical standards. It is sustainably harvested and processed in an ISO9001 facility with HACCP Food Production Hygiene standards. Improve the health and energy of your pet with the advanced formula in our Omega-3 Fish Oil. With it’s delicious taste that dogs and cats love, feeding is easy too. Just squeeze as directed over their food and watch them enjoy. There’s no pills to break apart or hide in toys. The All Natural Premium-Quality Omega-3 Fish Oil for Dogs and Cats—pick up some for your pet today.