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Celebrate our 7th anniversary with Vetrinex Labs! Enter our giveaway and stand a chance to win $500 worth of premium supplements for your furry best friend. Open to all - new or returning customers. At Vetrinex Labs, we're passionate about improving pets' lives. Join us in celebrating by entering the giveaway today!


Supplements worth $500

Win your furry buddy a custom gift basket worth $500! Choose your Vetrinex Labs favorites and build your very own gift basket from our whole catalog.

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Advanced Probiotic Plus

Beat poop eating with every scoop. Potent powder formula that helps effectively stop and deter stool eating in dogs. Boosts immunity and helps fight yeast infections and allergies.

Calming Hemp Treats

No more separation anxiety, troubled car rides, vet visits, fireworks and thunderstorms with our tasty hemp and L-Theanine rich dog treats.

Probiotic + Enzyme

Keep your dog happier and healthier for longer with our 7 strain probiotic blend and 5 different enzymes essential for a strong immune system & a healthy gut + no more soft stools, foul gas & smelly breaths!

Multifunction +

All-round health booster that supports your dog from their snoot to their tail in a single scoop. Tasty chicken formula designed to make your canines’ meals more balanced and to support them through all stages of development with over 25+ actives in one dose.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

Put an end to your dogs itching, hot spots, allergies and fur all over your furniture with our Omega fish oil that is 1.5x more potent than salmon oil. Comes with a pump for easy use and no fishy smell. Just pure goodness!

Advanced Joint Support

Have your pup run, leap and play even when they are old. Extra strength joint support formula with glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM for hip & joint injury, old age support and pain free mobility.


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What’s the catch?

There is No Catch! As a member of the Vetrinex Labs family and our email list, we run exclusive contests as promised, but if you do have questions or concerns tell us about them by dropping us an email at support@vetrinexlabs.com

What if I entered the wrong email ID?

Entering the right email ID is essential for us to get you information, in case you entered the wrong information, you can get it corrected by dropping us a message at support@vetrinexlabs.com