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Dogs will eat anything they can get their paws on, that’s just part of their nature. If you keep a fairly clean home and floor, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But, if your home is covered in bacteria, your dog may experience plenty of problems. These can include diarrhea, foul gas, bad breath, fatigue, and an unhealthy coat or skin.

Bacteria don’t just stop there, though. They can give your dog ear, urinary, and yeast infections that can lead to even more health complications. One of the best solutions to these problems is the use of probiotics, a must-have for all dog owners. Probiotics are strains of natural bacteria that work to balance out the good and bad bacteria levels in your dog’s body, working to keep their gastrointestinal system healthy.

We know that your dog’s health is one of the most important priorities in your life, which is why we’ve prepared a list of 8 Reasons People Love Our Advanced Probiotic Formula for Dogs.  


With our patented probiotic formula for dogs, you can improve your dog’s digestive and immune systems more rapidly than most medications. This can give your pet more energy and a renewed vitality, a shinier coat, healthier skin and teeth, and no bad breath, loose stools, or excessive gas.


Our advanced probiotic formula for dogs quickly and safely eliminates the cause of your dog’s:

- Diarrhea
- Ear, Urinary, and Yeast Infections
- Constipation
- Allergies
- Itching and Scratching
- Hot Spots
- Gas, Upset Stomach, and IBS

Plus, our probiotic formula helps remove tear stains and helps dogs stop eating their own stool.


With the included scoop, our advanced probiotic formula is easy to dispense with no mess. There are no capsules to break and no chewable tablets or pills to hide in your dog’s food. This tasteless and odorless powder is super simple to use: just sprinkle on your pet’s food and watch them get healthier with every meal!


This formula contains seven carefully selected species of live, beneficial bacteria with over 3 billion CFU in every scoop. It also contains added Inulin to support microorganisms for maximum effectiveness. 


The value contained in just one jar is worth the price alone. Each jar contains up to 120 servings at over 180 billion CFU, lasting many months to give your dog a strong foundation for their digestive health and immune system.  


While antibiotics fight infection by destroying bacteria, they destroy bacteria indiscriminately, good or bad. This can cause diarrhea or gastrointestinal side effects in your furry friend! If you know that your dog is going to need antibiotics soon, starting them on probiotics at least a few days beforehand can prevent unpleasant side effects. 


Unfortunately, dogs older in age are more likely to have weakened immune systems, especially considering that around 70% of immunity-building cells are found in the gut. So, providing healthy, good bacteria to their gastrointestinal system will boost their immunity and overall health. 


Most oral health issues are caused by an imbalance of bad bacteria. This imbalance can cause a build-up of plaque that can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and much more. Balancing bacteria levels with the good bacteria found in our advanced probiotic formula can improve the bacteria levels in your dog’s mouth, improving and supporting their oral health!

Has your beloved, four-legged friend been having stomach and health issues? Our Advanced Probiotic Formula for Dogs is a great way to give the immune and health support they need and deserve. Click here to learn more!

Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs
Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs

Premium Advanced Probiotics For Dogs


What Makes Our Vetrinex Advanced Probiotics Different? 

  • What Makes Vetrinex Probiotics Different: Vetrinex Advanced Probiotics are more absorbable & faster acting than our competitor's traditional "chew". While the traditional chew is filled with animal digest and takes time to digest our Probiotics are already broken down going to work! Actually giving your furry friend a fighting chance against that bad bacteria in their gut causing all those health problems.

  • IMPROVED PET HEALTH IN JUST 2 WEEKS: Strengthened digestive tract and immune system function will have your pet exhibiting more energy and a renewed vitality; a shinier coat, healthier skin and teeth, and no bad breath, loose stools or excessive gas

  • GET TO THE GUT OF THE PROBLEM : Quickly and safely eliminate the cause of your pets diarrhea, ear / urinary / yeast infections, after antibiotic treatment, constipation, allergies, itching fur & scratching, hot spots, as a tear stain supplement, coprophagia, help dogs stop from eating their own stool, gas, upset stomach, IBD and bowel related problems

  • NO FUSS, NO MESS: Dispenses quickly with included scoop; No capsules to break, no chewable tablets or pills to hide; Tasteless and odorless powder, just sprinkle it on your pet's food and watch them get healthier with every meal! Vegetarian; Grain Free; No Gluten; No Soy; No Fillers; Non Dairy; No Animal Digest; Active Cultures; All Natural Nutritional Supplement; Safe; High Quality; Made in USA

  • MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS: Potent 3 billion CFU blend of 7 carefully selected species of live beneficial bacteria with added Inulin to support microorganisms for maximum effectiveness. No "Proprietary Blend" to mislead you

  • BEST VALUE: At 180 BILLION CFU / up to 120 SERVINGS per jar, our complete formula lasts many months

When you purchase from us today, here's just some of the things you can look forward to:

See visible improvements in the digestive health, coat, skin and breath of your canine or feline friend within the first 2 weeks with our ultra-concentrated probiotic formula - within the first two weeks!

Complete, high-potency blend of 7 highly beneficial strains with prebiotic. Each strain has been carefully chosen to provide the most effective probiotic for immune support and GI health. Added prebiotic in the base improves deliverability into the intestines so that our friendly bacteria can work their magic! with over 180 Billion CFU per jar, 3 Billion CFU per scoop and up to 120 Servings (for smaller animals).

The tasteless and odorless powder dispenses in seconds and your pet won't even know it is there! They quietly become healthier everyday without even knowing it!

100% Money Back Guarantee - If you don't see a visible difference in the digestive health, coat, skin and breath of your furry friend within the first 2 weeks, we will give you back every penny!

See our customers before and after they took our probiotic formula


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"Miracle powder. My dog had a terrible skin allergy, had skin lesion from scratching so hard and biting himself to ease the itchiness. I purchased this because it had great reviews and with hopes, it would help my dog. I put my dog in a cone to keep him from biting himself. I started to give him this every day with his meals. And now 2.5 weeks later my dog's hair has grown back, his lesions have reduced and he is in a better mood. Recommend." - Ruby


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