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Premium Probiotics For Dogs
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Helps deter stool eating and boost digestive health.

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How do our probiotics stop

poop eating?

7 strains of Probiotics

Equal blend of 7 different strains of probiotics including E.Faecium that restores balance to gut microflora.

Improves Nutrient absorption

Helps your dog get the most out of meals and promotes complete digestion.

3 Billion CFU/ scoop

Potent formula that is essential for maximum effectiveness.

Includes Prebiotics

Essential for the functioning of healthy gut bacteria.

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What to expect with our probiotics.

Gut microflora imbalances cause poor nutrient absorption, weakened immunity and partial digestion causing your dog to eat poop to restore some of the lost good bacteria and nutrients. Our probiotic formula is designed to restore this balance. The time taken to see results varies. If your dog has been eating poop for a long time, chances are they will take longer to display results as well. But look out for these signs, fresher smelling breath, less foul gas, more energy and firmer stools…these are a good indication that our probiotic formula is getting to work!

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Potent Content Formula
Each scoop contains 3 Billion CFU of 7 different strains of beneficial bacteria with added prebiotics. The diversity of the bacteria allows for improved results, whereas the prebiotics promote the existence of good gut bacteria and lowering intestinal pH.
Digestive Care
Your pet's gastrointestinal tract has 70% of their immune system. Probiotics improve the intestinal barrier enabling your pet to fight off any fungal/yeast infections in turn reducing inflammation, redness and itching from the inside out.
Immunity Support
Probiotics modulate the general microbiome by restoring and maintaining healthy gut flora which helps deter and prevent poop eating, foul gas, bad breath while promoting smooth bowel movement and better nutrient absorption helping your pet get the most out of their diet.


  • Firm Stools

    Strengthens gut and promotes complete digestion

  • Fresh breath & No foul gas

    Restoration of gut microflora also helps improve your dogs breath and reduces the passing of foul gas.

  • Lesser yeast infections and allergy outbreaks

    Boosted immunity helps your dog fight out infections from the inside out.

  • More energy

    Improved nutrient absorption helps your dog harvest more energy out of their meals.

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