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Premium Omega-3 Fish Oil For Dogs
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Provides Itch relief and Shed Support.


“Great product! My puppy likes it and I just give one squirt over her nibbles. So far her skin is not itching and her long hair is just that…Long and shiny!!!”


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What makes our formula


More EPA & DHA

Each pump (4ml) contains 464mg EPA (min)*and 401mg of DHA(min)* making it stronger and more effective than ordinary salmon oil.

Great value

[for Omega32]Offers between 236-473 servings per bottle (depending on the size of your dog). The easy to use pump allows for precise and no mess feeding.[for Omega16] Offers between 80-236 servings per bottle (depending on the size of your dog). The easy to use pump allows for precise and no mess feeding.

100% Natural

There’s only one ingredient - Fish oil! Formula is completely free from artificial flavoring, coloring and additives.

Sustainable sourced

Our fish oil is sourced from only small wild caught icelandic fish to ensure they are free of any toxins. Our fish oil is also made from 5 different species for maximum effectiveness.

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What to expect with our Omega Fish oil.

The Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil reduces inflammation which helps stop the itching. It also provides your dog with the healthy fats required to produce their natural oils that strengthens the skin barrier and hair follicles, reducing excessive shedding and protecting them from other skin conditions. 

The time taken to see results varies for each dog and depends on their level of hair growth and healing speed. By the end of 4 weeks, most dogs show an improvement in their skin and coat. Look out for softer, shinier fur with a reduction/absence of dandruff, red-hot spots, patchy fur, constant licking and itching, and with the right grooming less shedding even when petted.

Itch Relief
Dry skin is usually the root cause of all your pets problems. Omega 3 fish oil helps in maintaining the skin barrier which nourishes your pets skin and coat, restoring moisture and reducing itching and scratching caused by dry skin. This in turn helps with hot spots, dandruff, allergies and minimizing shedding.
Shed support
Adding Omega 3 fish oil to your pets diet promotes the production of their natural oils which is essential for healthy hair growth, it also acts as a natural conditions by coating the fur preventing breakage and keeping it shiny.
Heart and joint health
While great for skin and coat health the naturally occurring vitamin A and D boosts immunity while supporting heart health, bone strength, mobility by lubricating joints and reducing inflammation.
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  • Lesser yeast infections and allergy outbreaks

    Boosted immunity helps your dog fight out infections from the inside out.

  • Cognition

    Omega fish oil helps dogs across their lifespan. It aids in proper brain and eye development in puppies and also helps older dogs dealing with cognitive dysfunction.

  • Chronic kidney disease

    It helps slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease by reducing the inflammatory stress on the kidneys.

  • Arthritis

    Helps deal with arthritis by reducing the inflammation and lubricating joints. It also reduces cartilage loss.

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