Tips and Tricks For Feeding a Picky Dog

by Sam AGM on Jun 22, 2021

Tips and Tricks For Feeding a Picky Dog

Many dog owners have a difficult time feeding their pets who are picky eaters. It's common for dogs to refuse their food from time to time, but some simple tips and tricks help make the process easier.


There are many reasons why your pet may not be eating their food. They could be allergic to the ingredients, or they might have an underlying medical issue that is causing nausea. Whatever the reason for their selective appetite, it's crucial to find out what is going on and fix it as soon as possible. We will discuss how you can feed a picky dog and get them back to being healthy again!

Feeding a Picky Dog

When a dog becomes picky about what to eat, it can be challenging to find food that they will like. With a lot of dog foods available on the market today, you might think it's easy to change the food, and your pet will be all right. However, it's not that easy. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you feed your picky dog and get his appetite back.

1) Mix the food

You might think your pet is a picky eater, but there's a straightforward trick that will have them eating like it's their last meal- literally! All you need to do is mix the new food with old, and they'll be addicted in no time. And don't forget to make changes gradually as well, so your pet doesn't get sick while adjusting to his new diet. If your dog is still not liking the food and behaves strangely, you may consider giving him our Digestive Enzymes.

2) Use a Food Topper

If your dog doesn't like dry food, try adding some toppers to his meal. A meal topper is a product that you add to your dog's food. They are sometimes referred to as "seasonings'' for the dish, making it more appetizing. One good way to add toppers might involve boiling some vegetables in water or ground beef into small pieces before adding them on top of the kibble - but remember: always stir everything together thoroughly first.

3) Feed your dog on the floor

If you have a fussy puppy, there are some creative ways to get him to eat his food. One way is by using the playful nature of your pup and making it into an interactive game that he will enjoy!

Sit down next to your pup and sprinkle dried dog food on the ground in front of him (a little at a time). As he eats one piece, add another further away from where he is. 

Your pup thinks this is a fun new game, so he'll be more willing to take part since playing games makes dogs happy. It may take some practice, but eventually, they'll develop an appetite for their meals. This is the time when you can switch to bowls again. 

4) No Table Scraps

Your pet might be getting too full from all the table scraps you give him. Maybe it's time to stop feeding them your food and instead let them eat their own. If they're used to getting table scraps, his palate probably prefers the flavor of something with a bit of added spices that they'll not find in dog food. To help curb this attitude, stop giving him table scraps.

5) Exercise your dog before his meal-time

You might have heard that exercising can help you build up an appetite. But what might be new to you is that you can exercise like a long walk, running, or playing to get a picky dog to eat his food. Some activity will make your dogs hungry, and after burning the energy, it will be time to refuel. As his meal is the only thing on offer, he will be more likely to eat it. For better results, don't offer your dog his food immediately after exercising. Give him at least 15 minutes for his stomach to settle.

6) Keep serving till he eats

Sometimes a stubborn dog can cause all sorts of problems. If he refuses to eat no matter what you do, the only way is the gentle starvation method. Begin by placing the food in front of your dog and leave him alone. Wait for 30 minutes. If he doesn't eat after that time has passed, take the food back and wait until his next mealtime. Put it down again and wait for 30 minutes. At this point, if your pet still won't eat the food, there might be something more serious than just picky dog syndrome. Maybe he should see the vet.

7) Try warming the food

Warm up your dog's food because his sense of smell is more important than his taste. Provide food that is warm and smells good. It will make the meal seem tastier! You can use the microwave to warm your dog's meal. Remember to make it just a little warm and not hot.

8) Add Chicken Broth to the meal

Chicken broth enhances the flavor of anything it's added to. If your dog is being fussy about his food, consider adding a little low-sodium chicken broth on top - they'll love the taste! You don't have to worry if this will make them sick because there are no additives in store-bought chicken broths. Another thing that can work wonders is our fish oil for dogs

9) Try changing the feeding place

Sometimes, a change in the feeding place can be the answer to a picky dog's appetite. If your pet is not eating well at one place, try switching up his food bowl to another location and see if that makes any difference in their behavior. You may note that the new feeding place should be quiet and comfortable for your dog.


You've done a lot to get your dog used to eating new food. But, it's important not to tire them out by overfeeding. Watch for signs that they're full and stop feeding when you see those signals!

After trying the above steps, if your dog still does not eat, it might be time to see your local vet.