7 Signs Your Pet Needs Probiotics

Do Your Pets Need Probiotics In Their Diets? The simple answer is ….maybe. Without having a thorough veterinary examine it hard to say for sure but, we want to share with you 7 signs your pets may need probiotics.   1: Digestive Issues   Many digestive issues that your pet may face could be from a lack of good bacteria in their intestines. This lack of good bacteria could actually create a host of other disorders such as loose stools, itchy skin, and coprophagia (poop eating) because they aren’t able to properly digest and absorb nutrients.   2: After Effects of Antibiotics   Antibiotics are certainly helpful if your pet is suffering from an infection. But, just as antibiotics are used to wipe out unhealthy germs and bacteria they unfortunately also wipe out much of the healthy and good bacteria in your furry little friends’ intestines. Adding probiotics into their diet can help to repopulate the amount of healthy and good bacteria which can speed up their recovery time. 3: Chronic Digestive Problems   If your pet suffers from chronic digestive problems then adding probiotics into regular feeding could be helpful. Similar to the effects of antibiotics that we talked about a moment ago the chronic digestive problems could be corrected by repopulating the good bacteria in their intestines. 4: Sudden Behavior Changes Let’s face it, you and I don’t always act very nice or rational when we’re experiencing digestive discomfort, do we? Why would things be any different for our pets? If your pet shows abnormal changes in behavior it could be from a result of improper digestion. 5: Lowered Immune Function   More and more research shows that our immune system and our intestinal health are directly related. So, why would it be any different for four-legged family members?   Proper digestion allows more and more nutrients to be absorbed by your little buddy’s digestive system and improved nutrient absorption simply leads to an improvement in the immune system.    6: Overgrowth of Bad Bacteria   Imbalances in gut bacteria can happen for a variety of reasons and we’ve mentioned some above. Regardless of what causes the imbalance, using probiotics to re-establish the beneficial colonies will be a crucial part in giving your pet vibrant health.   7: Dull Coat, Flaky Skin, and Weak Teeth The improvement of nutrient absorption due to proper amounts of good gut bacteria helps your pet’s body work correctly. Often times the most apparent signs of a digestive issue shows up in their fur, skin, and teeth.   You may notice that their fur has dulled and maybe falling out. They could be scratching more often and have flaky areas on their skin. If you see they are not eating crunchy food the same way or in the same amounts, it could be a result of growing dental issues. Ones that create sore gums, loose or weak teeth, and foul breath.   We know it can be heartbreaking to see our well-loved pets go through any of these issues, which is why we’re so passionate about our pet supplements.   Our Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats has 7 probiotic strains that help you give your pet the good bacteria they need to improve their digestion.   It also includes a fiber called inulin, a prebiotic. This feeds the good bacteria in your pet’s digestive system meaning your pet’s good gut bacteria can replicate themselves faster.   The Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats is a tasteless and odorless powder that you can easily sprinkle into your pet’s food, giving your pet the digestive assistance they need.   And as we talked about above adding a high-quality probiotic like our Advanced Probiotics for Dogs and Cats helps to decrease the side effects of antibiotics and reestablish your pet’s good gut bacteria shortening the healing time after infection.